South Australian School for Vision Impaired - 1-B Duncan Avenue Park Holme SA 5043 - 0882775255South Australian School for Vision Impaired


South Australian School for Vision Impaired is a specialist school for students with a Vision Impairment.

SASVI School: legally blind: less than 6/60 vision, or severe field restriction, and need to access the Expanded Core Curriculum for Students with Vision Impairment (equivalent to H Level of Support)

State wide Service: less than 6/18 in better eye.

Secondary VI Programs: as for SASVI

Charles Campbell College


An ophthalmological report is essential before service can be provided.

Referrals can be made by an:

  • Ophthalmologist
  • School personnel
  • Parent
  • VI service providers
  • Disability coordinator

A referral package is forwarded to the site, requesting a medical report, parent consent to support, and a visual functioning checklist. Upon receipt of the forms, an assessment is made of whether the student meets criteria. If criteria for support are met, an Advisory teacher will visit within 2 weeks.

Click here for a referral package (400kb)


SASVI takes enrolment for:

Short term (for assessment)

Medium term (1-3 years)

Long term

Shared enrolment with local primary school

(1 day at SASVI, 4 days local school or 4 days SASVI, 1 day local school).

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